Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family Quilts

I'm beginning to gather photos of family quilts; there aren't many surviving quilts and I'd like to document what we know (or think we know!) about those we do have.

Quilting friends know that 1930s repro fabrics are not my favorites to use in quilts, but I appreciate and admire quilts made with the fabrics, especially those made in the 1930s, from feed sacks. And, if the quilt was made by my grandmother, well...then I love it. Here's a star quilt made by Grandma Susie, my mother's mother.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Quilt documentaton

On may home from Dad's after Christmas I was reading "Treasures in the Trunk: Quilts of the Oregon Trail" and renewed my resolve to better document my own quilts. They won't have the historical significance of those made by the amazing women portrayed in the book but if nothing else it will help me to keep track of the quilts I've made!

I sheepishly confess that, while I am an historian at heart, I am not very good about putting labels on my quilts. I have taken photos of many of them, but not all. I am in the process of sending out appeals to people to whom I've given quilts, asking them to take photos and send them to me. And I am beginning the tedious task of putting all that together--so much better had I done it to begin with! Did I mention that I have renewed my resolve?

I also would like to document, as much as we're able, the few quilts of my grandmothers' that we still have. With both grandmother's and my own mother gone it will be brief, at best. But it's important to tell as much of the story as we can.

Documentation forms
Rather than reinvent the wheel I went in search of existing forms, and found many. Some of much more extensive than I probably will need (or, more accurately, more than I can realistically expect myself to complete) and I may end up creating my own but here are several that I located:

Quilt Index Documentation Form
Very extensive and thorough ten page form, in pdf

Louisiana Quilt Documentation Form

Minnesota Quilt Project Documentation Forms
A series of forms: physical information, background/historical information, owner/maker information