Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finish or Start

I have a wonderfully open day--time to quilt, knit, read (sleep!)-whatever I'd like to do. And, wouldn't you know, I have a day to sleep in, and I'm up and at it earlier than on work days! I think I'm anxious to get down to my studio and do something creative. I have as many UFOs as the next person--maybe more--and I've been working on those but after some upheaval and stress in other parts of my life I'm feeling the need to try something .

In the spirit of rationalizing the start of yet another project, I *did* finish a couple of things at the quilt retreat last weekend, and make progress on some others.

My friend Karen collects Santas and I like to do handwork while I watching movies (or when I'm traveling) so I made a redwork Santa quilt for her. She agreed to have it quilted, so our friend Sandy is going to work her custom quilted magic on it. The photo doesn't show the redwork very well but that reflects that many of the questions I was asked at the retreat were about the alternate block, 54-40 or Fight.

"Spiced Cider" (from More Laps from Fats) has been a retreat project for 2 or 3 years and it is finally finished. I like the rich colors, and it will be a nice touch in the office hallway during the fall. The border is actually a nice, rich-looking country check in red and gold. I may have to rethink that, as it seems to dulls things down quite a bit, at least from a distance.

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