Sunday, April 11, 2010


There is nothing like a quilt retreat to start catching up on UFOs. (Of course, there aren't enough retreats on the planet for me to finish all the projects, but it's encouraging to complete at least a few of them!) I finished 2 projects completely, and made very good progress on two more.

Though I can "retreat" to my studio just about any non-working hours, there are always other things staring at me, needing to be done, when I'm at home. And it's wonderful to be a room with all those fellow quilters, seeing what they're working on, and being inspired by their creativity and support and humor.

I'm checking out the April/May issue of "Quilters Home," especially the blogs. I could get lost in those pretty easily. So, if I don't post for awhile I'm hyperlinking my way around the blogosphere. (My friends tell me I'm "random," but I think it's because they don't have hyperlinked brains like I seem to have--it's much too easy for me to get lost in exploration!) I just happened onto "365 Days of Free Motion Quilting." Awesome.

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